Case Results

The following are a few highlights of actual cases professionally handled by the attorneys at Dixon & Daley LLP.

100% Permanent Disability Award
Workers' Compensation — Multiple injuries to state worker

$2.9 Million Settlement
Construction site accident resulting in cervical fusion

$500,000 settlement
Workers' Compensation — Spinal injuries to delivery driver

$100,000 Settlement
Motorcycle accident with contested liability

$249,000 settlement
Workers' Compensation — Fall accident with companion civil case which settled for $325,000

$933,000 Settlement
Child burned when table collapsed spilling scalding water from coffee urn.

$280,000 Settlement
Motorcycle rider attacked by dog resulting in hip injury and scarring — Leash Law violation

$850,000 Settlement (Before MICRA)
Medical Malpractice — Endotracheal injury during surgery resulting in death.

$75,000 Settlement
Slip-and-fall accident at retail store resulting in knee injury — disputed liability.

100% Trial Award With Life Pension
Workers' Compensation — Spinal injury sustained by an employee of an exterminator company.

$1.2 Million Settlement
Motorcycle vs. car accident resulting in multiple fractures and scarring.

$125,000 Jury Verdict
Car vs. pedestrian in cross walk resulting in thoracic fractures.

88% Award with Life Pension
Workers' Compensation — Crush injury to hand while cleaning chocolate machine.

$680,000 Settlement
Spinal injuries in scaffolding collapse at construction site.

$250,000 Settlement-MICRA Maximum
Medical Malpractice — oxygen deprivation at birth resulting in death.

100% Trial Award with Life Pension
Workers' Compensation — Electrical breaker explosion resulting in severe burn injury.

$4.5 Million Settlement
Medical Malpractice —- Hypoxic brain injury during surgery.

$1.6 Million Settlement
Truck vs. pedestrian accident resulting in multiple fractures.

$760,000 Mediation Settlement
Intersection collision with police car resulting in spinal injury.

$125,000 Settlement
Sexual assault by uninsured Employer.

$360,000. Mediation Settlement
Construction site accident resulting in spinal injuries.

$1.2 Million Structure Settlement
Workers' Compensation — spine injury with guaranteed payments for life.

$780,000 Settlement
Disputed liability car vs. truck collision.

100% Award With Life Pension
Workers' Compensation — multiple injuries with loss of job.

Car vs. motorcycle collision with disputed liability

$125,000 Settlement
Truck vs. pedestrian disputed jaywalking accident.

$660,000 Settlement
Defective Punch Press product liability resulting in crush injury to hand

91% Award
Workers' Compensation —- Wrist injury with residual nerve damage

$400,000 Mediation Settlement
Product Liability — defective machine causing crush injury to hand

$175,000 Settlement
Slip-and-fall accident at retail store resulting in spinal injury requiring surgery — disputed liability

$313,000 Structured Settlement
Workers' Compensation — Repetitive work activity resulting in knee and spinal injuries.

47% Trial Award
Workers' Compensation — Truck driver assaulted resulting in head and shoulder injury — employment disputed with claim that truck driver was independent contractor.

$212,000 Structure Settlement
Child attacked and bitten by dog, causing residual scarring.

$250,000 Settlement — MICRA Maximum
Medical Malpractice — wrongful death of child as a result of failure to diagnose appendicitis.

$160,000 Settlement
Workers' Compensation — Maximum death benefits for spouse & dependents.