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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

Man suffers fatal workplace injuries while unloading truck

Anytime workers in California must unload heavy equipment or products from a truck, they face certain dangers This is especially true if the materials shift unexpectedly. Because of the potential of suffering from workplace injuries in a variety of different scenarios and the financial harm such injuries can create, employers in all states are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage for employees. One family may need these benefits following a recent accident in another state that resulted in the loss of a life.

Officials investigate incident involving fatal workplace injuries

While some people in California are aware of the extreme risks that police officers and firefighters face, they may be less aware that those who work at great heights also face considerable risks due to the potential for falls. As a result, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has standards in place to protect all employees regardless of their occupation. Unfortunately, one worker in another state recently suffered fatal workplace injuries in a fall.

Man suffers fatal workplace injuries at distribution center

In many workplaces in California and across the country, there are several known health and safety hazards. As a result, workers take precautions to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, some workplace injuries result from unexpected accidents due to unforeseen hazards. Such appears to be the case at an out-of-state workplace; a worker passed away as a result of injuries suffered in a workplace accident.

Man dies from workplace injuries following industrial accident

When walking through the average workplace in California, an observer can likely notice indicators that employee safety is a top priority. There are often warning signs and protective gear visible throughout a business. Unfortunately, despite these efforts employees can still suffer workplace injuries that often prove fatal.

Man suffers fatal workplace injuries due to tree branch

No workplace in California is completely devoid of safety risks. As a result, the Occupational Safety and health Administration has created various standards in order to protect workers while they complete their job responsibilities. Unfortunately, even the most stringent of standards cannot completely prevent workplace injuries. Investigators are likely investigating a recent incident that resulted in one man's death.

Man falls into mixing tank, suffers fatal workplace injuries

As people in California go through their workday, they likely have routine tasks that they complete. Despite their familiarity with these tasks, there is still danger in them. For example, a man in another state recently suffered fatal workplace injuries during a process that had likely been performed multiple times at the facility where he was working.

Man passes away due to workplace injuries; investigation ongoing

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is tasked with the responsibility of protecting the health of employees. Despite the standards the federal agency has in place, workers in California and across the country still fall victim to workplace injuries. In same cases, such as a recent accident in another state, injuries can be fatal.

Worker suffers fatal workplace injuries in explosion

While most people in California know that they face dangers in their workplace, the reality that at any moment a serious accident can occur is often difficult to fully grasp. Unfortunately, even those who follow all safety precautions at all times are unable to avoid unexpected workplace injuries. Unfortunately, a man recently died in an accident that occurred in another state.

Man suffers fatal workplace injuries in forklift accident

There are a variety of different ways in which an employee in California could be injured at work. Often, workplace injuries happen due to no fault of the employee. For example, equipment could malfunction, causing an injury. Unfortunately, a man in another state recently lost his life in a workplace accident that remains under investigation.

California man suffers fatal workplace injuries

Those who work with heavy equipment likely know of the risks of their jobs. While most take measures to ensure they are safe in their work environment, accidents resulting in workplace injuries can unexpectedly occur, leaving the worker, his loved ones or both wondering how to cope with the financial ramifications of such injuries. One family in California is likely still coming to terms with the news that their loved one recently lost his life in a workplace accident.

Case Results

  1. $4.5 Million Settlement

    Medical Malpractice - Hypoxic brain injury during surgery.

  2. $2.9 Million Settlement

    Construction site accident resulting in cervical fusion

  3. 100% Permanent Disability Award

    Workers Compensation - Multiple injuries to State worker

  4. $1.6 Million Settlement

    Truck v. pedestrian accident resulting in multiple factures.

  5. $1.2 Million Structure Settlement

    Workers Compensation - spine injury with guaranteed payments for life.

  6. $1.2 Million Settlement

    Motorcycle v. car accident resulting in multiple fractures and scarring.

  7. $933,000.00 Settlement

    Child burned when table collapsed spilling scalding water from coffee um.

  8. $850,000.00 Settlement (Before MICRA)

    Medical Malpractice - Endotracheal injury during surgery resulting in death.

  9. $780,000.00 Settlement

    Disputed liability car v. truck collision.

  10. $500,000.00 Settlement

    Workers Compensation - Spinal injuries to delivery driver.

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