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Toxic exposure to carbon monoxide affects 2 California workers

Everyone typically wants to make it home from a day at work without having suffered any serious injuries or other setbacks. Unfortunately, numerous hazards affect workers in all industries, and a sudden and unexpected incident could cause harm to workers. For instance, toxic exposure could come on suddenly and leave workers needing medical attention.

Vineyard workers face toxic exposure from pesticide

Many California residents perform their work duties in less-than-ideal working conditions. Even individuals who work outside can face serious hazards, including toxic exposure. Despite being out in the fresh air, chemicals can still put workers at risk of serious illness.

Power plant workers claim toxic exposure to coal ash

Though all jobs come with certain risks, some California workers may find themselves faced with hazards that could seriously affect their health. While the negative repercussions may not be immediately apparent, workers could develop illnesses or diseases from toxic exposure that could have far-reaching consequences. Even if the problems do not show themselves until years later, workers' compensation may still be warranted.

Toxic exposure: Chemotherapy drugs affecting veterinary workers

Many California residents work hard to find their dream jobs, and in numerous cases, individuals may not think of the serious risks those jobs may pose. From the potential for falls to toxic exposure, workers in almost any profession could potentially end up at risk for serious injuries or illnesses. Unfortunately, some people may not consider these risks until it is too late.

Toxic exposure may threaten California landscaping workers

Many people work in the landscaping business and know that it can be grueling work. Long hours carrying out tasks in various weather conditions can take a considerable toll on workers. This occupation can also present various hazards to employees, and toxic exposure may be becoming a greater concern among individuals in the landscaping business.

Toxic exposure for salon workers leads to health concerns

The nail spa industry is accused of neglecting employee health and wage concerns. A recent news story looked at issues in California salons as a way to examine the industry. Toxic exposure from commonly used chemicals can affect workers, and advocates are looking for ways to reduce the harm to workers. 

Farmworker's organization addresses toxic exposure

It is easy to forget about how pesticides affect farmworkers on the job. Farmworkers experience over 20,000 cases of pesticide exposure every year, but lack of protections and immigration concerns keep many workers from speaking out. A recent news story tells more about one California organization that is working to end toxic exposure on farms, and tackling other farm issues that impact women. 

Despite toxic exposure concerns, OSHA proposes to relax rules

Workers' advocates have been fighting for years to make certain industrial environments safer for people on job sites. One such concern is related to toxic exposure to certain minerals. Specifically, in maritime and construction industries, workers face exposure to beryllium when the mineral is used in sandblasting. Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has proposed to relax certain guidelines that may affect how California workers are monitored for exposure to the mineral. 

Refineries now subject to new rules after 2012 workplace injuries

Most California residents who work in the oil and gas industry probably remember the incident at the Chevron refinery back in 2012. After the fire, chemical release and workplace injuries suffered in that disaster, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health began reviewing the need to change the process regarding safety management standards as they apply to the chemical processes of refineries. Recently, those new standards were finalized.

Did toxic exposure cause railroad worker's cancer?

Working in every industry comes with certain hazards that could cause injury to employees from California and elsewhere. In some instances, that includes exposure to chemicals and other toxic substances. Sometimes, the effects of toxic exposure occur immediately, but in other cases, it can take years for the damage to appear. Perhaps the most famous example is exposure to asbestos, which causes often fatal medical consequences for those exposed, but it could take years before any symptoms are seen.

Case Results

  1. $4.5 Million Settlement

    Medical Malpractice - Hypoxic brain injury during surgery.

  2. $2.9 Million Settlement

    Construction site accident resulting in cervical fusion

  3. 100% Permanent Disability Award

    Workers Compensation - Multiple injuries to State worker

  4. $1.6 Million Settlement

    Truck v. pedestrian accident resulting in multiple factures.

  5. $1.2 Million Structure Settlement

    Workers Compensation - spine injury with guaranteed payments for life.

  6. $1.2 Million Settlement

    Motorcycle v. car accident resulting in multiple fractures and scarring.

  7. $933,000.00 Settlement

    Child burned when table collapsed spilling scalding water from coffee um.

  8. $850,000.00 Settlement (Before MICRA)

    Medical Malpractice - Endotracheal injury during surgery resulting in death.

  9. $780,000.00 Settlement

    Disputed liability car v. truck collision.

  10. $500,000.00 Settlement

    Workers Compensation - Spinal injuries to delivery driver.

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