Are Santa Fe Springs pedestrians safe?

In 2013, 588 people died in auto accidents in Los Angeles County. Pedestrians accounted for 191 of those deaths.

A 62-year old man was killed by a car turning in front of him in a crosswalk on Washington Boulevard in Santa Fe Springs one Saturday morning. According to the Whittier Daily News, the driver of the vehicle has been charged with vehicular manslaughter in the case.

Another pedestrian was hit by a vehicle making a turn was taken to St. Frances Medical Center in Lynwood. The Whittier Daily News indicates that this accident took place early on a Monday morning at the intersection of Norwalk Boulevard and Washington Boulevard. reported on a woman hit and pinned up against a post office building by an SUV. The pedestrian-vehicle accident resulted in one of her legs being severed.

A drunk driver hit and injured two pedestrians in a crosswalk in La Habra and the continued driving, hitting a street light post and a parked vehicle per a Whittier Daily news story. The 36-year old motorist was arrested for drunk driving.

Statistics corroborate the dangers faced by pedestrians

Detailed statistics regarding motor vehicle accidents are kept by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, including those pertaining to pedestrians. For 2013, the NHTSA records show the following for Southern California:

  • Los Angeles County was the site of 588 total vehicular fatalities. Of those, 191 were pedestrians.
  • In Orange County, 55 pedestrians were killed.
  • In San Diego County, 54 vehicular deaths were pedestrians.
  • San Bernardino County recorded 50 pedestrian deaths.
  • Another 38 pedestrians died in Riverside County.

Statewide, 701 pedestrians died that year out of 3,000 total vehicular fatalities.

Safety tips for pedestrians

Pedestrians can be found crossing streets, walking through parking lots, strolling down sidewalks and more. When on foot, people deserve to feel safe yet must be aware of their surroundings. Always keeping an eye on what is happening is important to be able to react quickly if need be.

Observing traffic signs or signals and walking or crossing in designated areas is equally important to maintaining safety for pedestrians. If forced to walk along a street without a sidewalk, pedestrians should always face oncoming traffic so that cars cannot come up from behind unbeknownst to the pedestrians.

Getting help when needed

Another critical tip for pedestrians is to be prepared to seek legal help if involved in an accident. When an injury or death occurs due to the negligence of a motorist, compensation is due. Working with an experienced attorney can make a difference in these situations.

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Case Results

$4.5 Million Settlement

Medical Malpractice - Hypoxic brain injury during surgery.

$2.9 Million Settlement

Construction site accident resulting in cervical fusion

100% Permanent Disability Award

Workers Compensation - Multiple injuries to State worker

$1.6 Million Settlement

Truck v. pedestrian accident resulting in multiple factures.

$1.2 Million Structure Settlement

Workers Compensation - spine injury with guaranteed payments for life.

$1.2 Million Settlement

Motorcycle v. car accident resulting in multiple fractures and scarring.

$933,000.00 Settlement

Child burned when table collapsed spilling scalding water from coffee um.

$850,000.00 Settlement (Before MICRA)

Medical Malpractice - Endotracheal injury during surgery resulting in death.

$780,000.00 Settlement

Disputed liability car v. truck collision.

$500,000.00 Settlement

Workers Compensation - Spinal injuries to delivery driver.

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