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Man's arm almost severed after suffering workplace injuries

There is no shortage of workers who suffer serious injuries on the job in California and across the country. These workplace injuries can happen in any number of scenarios, but often, the injuries can be severe. As a result, individuals in this type of predicament commonly need financial assistance through workers' compensation.

One man in another state will likely be gaining information on his workers' comp options after a serious on-the-job accident. Reports stated that the construction worker was approximately 300 feet in the air when he suffered a serious injury. Apparently, the man was operating a crane and carrying out duties relating to cable lubrication when a cable somehow sliced his arm. The injury was so severe that his arm was almost severed.

Power plant workers claim toxic exposure to coal ash

Though all jobs come with certain risks, some California workers may find themselves faced with hazards that could seriously affect their health. While the negative repercussions may not be immediately apparent, workers could develop illnesses or diseases from toxic exposure that could have far-reaching consequences. Even if the problems do not show themselves until years later, workers' compensation may still be warranted.

It was recently reported that workers at two power plants in another state indicated that they face continual exposure to toxic substances. The workers have apparently been involved in cleaning up a massive coal ash spill, and their current working conditions at the power plants do not benefit worker health. They claim to face continual exposure to fly ash dust and flue gas. The ash reportedly contains at least 26 toxins and heavy metals.

Understanding rotator-cuff injuries

Your rotator cuff is a crucial component in your anatomy. It consists of tendons and muscles located in the head of your humerus in the shoulder socket. It is responsible for rotating and raising your arm. 

You need to care for this body part or else you may be unable to do your job. Many people rely on their arms and shoulders to work properly. Some of the most common injuries that occur to the rotator cuff include tears, bursitis and tendinitis. Extensive treatments may be necessary, and if the wear and tear happened at work, then you may be able to file a workers' comp claim for your rotator-cuff injury. 

Fall results in workplace injuries for subcontractor

Falls are dangerous events. Whether from a short distance or a significant height, falling can easily cause serious injuries. When they happen while on the job, indivduals may have many concerns about how the injuries will affect their abilities to work and earn an income. Certainly, recovering from a fall can take time, but fortunately, workers' compensation often helps with the financial repercussions of workplace injuries.

California readers may be interested in an on-the-job accident that occurred in another state. Apparently, a subcontractor was carrying out construction work at a wastewater treatment plant when he fell from a ladder. The worker had utilized the ladder to go into an open access area, but it was unclear what may have caused him to fall.

Workplace injuries result when car wash worker gets pinned

Most California residents go to work thinking it will be a normal day. They may look forward to the end of the day when they can do whatever they want or may look forward to socializing with their co-workers throughout the day. What many people do not anticipate, however, is suffering workplace injuries.

It was recently reported that a worker in another state had to be airlifted to an area hospital after an on-the-job accident. Apparently, the woman works at a car wash and was injured when two vehicles collided. One of the vehicles was leaving the wash area when it hit the back of a parked vehicle. The worker was between the parked vehicle and the moving vehicle when the incident occurred.

Construction accidents can leave families struggling

In less than a blink of an eye, a life can be irrevocably changed or even lost entirely. Unfortunately, construction sites are no stranger to fatal injuries, and many workers lose their lives every year due to construction accidents. Not only do these events leave California families grieving, but they also often leave families struggling financially.

One family in another state is undoubtedly experiencing numerous hardships after a recent fatal accident. Reports stated that a 28-year-old man was working on a construction site when an undisclosed object fell from a crane. The object hit the worker and resulted in him suffering critical injuries. The man was taken from the scene to a hospital, but a few days later, he succumbed to the traumatic injuries he suffered.

Too many fatal falls result from construction accidents

Falls are a part of life. From a young age, people fall while learning to walk or while playing outside. Of course, the injuries that result from those instances are often relatively minor. As California residents get older, they face greater dangers and may have jobs that result in them working at considerable heights. If so, falls could lead to fatal construction accidents.

In many cases, falls that happen on the job are preventable. Unfortunately, according to the president for the American Society of Safety Professionals, the current level of worker safety and health is at an unacceptable level. This comment stems from the release of statistics regarding the number of fatal work-related falls that took place in 2017. In total, 887 fatal occupational falls occurred, which was 17 percent of all work-related fatalities that happened that year.

Construction accidents often have devastating outcomes

Many people in Los Angeles work in the construction industry. As a result, those same people are at risk of suffering serious injuries as a result of construction accidents. Even when workers do their best to remain safe on work sites, sudden events can take place that leave them needing assistance in more ways than one.

It was recently reported that a serious construction accident took place in another state. Apparently, three workers were injured when debris from the third floor of a building fell to the ground floor. The workers were on the ground floor at the time and were hit by the debris. One worker suffered critical injuries, and he, unfortunately, did not survive. The two other workers' injuries were not deemed life-threatening.

Does your work injury involve a third party?

Let us say you work for a manufacturing company a few miles from Santa Fe Springs. The equipment you use at work malfunctioned and you sustained a fractured wrist.

Under California law, you are eligible to file for workers’ compensation benefits—but could there also be third-party liability here?

Family may need workers' compensation after on-the-job fatality

Families often rely on each other in various capacities. In many cases, however, the adults in the family are commonly relied upon to generate an income that can provide for the needs of the family. As a result, when a person dies after suffering injuries on the job, the surviving loved ones may understandably worry about their financial security and want to gain information on workers' compensation assistance.

One family in California may be hoping to gain useful information on possible benefits after a recent work-related death. According to reports, two individuals were working on a tire that attaches to a jet bridge, which is a connector that allows passengers to walk from an airport terminal and onto an airplane. The tire was reported as being four feet tall, and for an unknown reason, the tire exploded while being worked on.

Case Results

  1. $4.5 Million Settlement

    Medical Malpractice - Hypoxic brain injury during surgery.

  2. $2.9 Million Settlement

    Construction site accident resulting in cervical fusion

  3. 100% Permanent Disability Award

    Workers Compensation - Multiple injuries to State worker

  4. $1.6 Million Settlement

    Truck v. pedestrian accident resulting in multiple factures.

  5. $1.2 Million Structure Settlement

    Workers Compensation - spine injury with guaranteed payments for life.

  6. $1.2 Million Settlement

    Motorcycle v. car accident resulting in multiple fractures and scarring.

  7. $933,000.00 Settlement

    Child burned when table collapsed spilling scalding water from coffee um.

  8. $850,000.00 Settlement (Before MICRA)

    Medical Malpractice - Endotracheal injury during surgery resulting in death.

  9. $780,000.00 Settlement

    Disputed liability car v. truck collision.

  10. $500,000.00 Settlement

    Workers Compensation - Spinal injuries to delivery driver.

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