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Injured California worker may qualify for workers' compensation

When drivers do not exercise caution, they can put themselves and other people at risk. In particular, roadway workers could be at risk of suffering injuries on the job due to erratic drivers. This type of incident is not uncommon, and many workers find themselves in need of workers' compensation.

It was recently reported that a California Department of Transportation worker was injured in such an incident. According to reports, the man was working on the right shoulder of an Interstate 80 ramp when a van hit a semi-truck while changing lanes. The collision caused the van to spin and hit the worker and his work truck that was parked nearby. The van then hit a light pole and a sound wall.

Severe workplace injuries result from accident involving drill

In some lines of work, California workers face risks of injury every day. While numerous people are able to make it home after a hard day's work without so much as a scratch, others may not be so lucky. In fact, some workplace injuries could have lasting impacts and present the need for serious medical attention.

It was recently reported that a worker in another state suffered a complete amputation of his arm. Emergency personnel were called to the scene of the accident, which took place a little after 10 a.m. A statement from a police chief who came to the scene indicated that the worker was awake and stable as he was being transported by air to a medical facility. The worker was reported as being 44 years old.

How to prove a workplace injury is new

It is common to file a workers' compensation claim after sustaining an injury at work. However, many employers and agencies remain skeptical of claims. Although cases of workers' comp fraud do occur, they are the exception and not the rule. 

One type of fraud agencies look out for is whether the injured party actually sustained the injury at work or if the injury occurred elsewhere. The belief is that an employee suffered an injury at home or elsewhere and simply staged an accident at work to get her or his employer to pay for the bills. Therefore, it will be up to you and your legal team to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the accident is genuine.

Workers' compensation: Man injured on the job after explosion

A workday can start out like any other and suddenly turn catastrophic. The slightest detail can sometimes result in serious accidents that can leave workers suffering serious injuries and in need of financial support. Fortunately, workers' compensation can often provide that support for qualifying workers.

California readers may be interested in a work-related accident that took place in another state. Reports stated that a utility worker was trying to purge a natural gas line, which involves getting air out of the line in order to have only natural gas. However, while the worker was carrying out his duties, the gas ignited and caused an explosion that was reported as being between 15 to 20 feet high. It was unclear what caused the gas to ignite, but static electricity could have played a role.

Construction accidents involving falls can prove fatal

Falls are among the most common and most dangerous hazards on work sites. Construction accidents in particular often involve serious falls as California workers are commonly carrying out duties at significant heights. Any simple misstep or lapse in safety measures could lead to construction accidents that have serious or even deadly outcomes.

It was recently reported that a fatal event took place on a construction site out of state. Apparently, a construction worker was standing on an elevated platform while working and somehow fell off the platform. Details were not provided regarding what may have caused the man to fall. The report did state that the worker fell approximately 20 to 30 feet before hitting the ground. It was not clear whether any other workers were on the platform at the time the man fell.

Workplace injuries result after worker falls from moving trailer

In some industries, workers complete projects by moving slowly from one point to another. Though vehicles may be used to move to each point, some California workers and those elsewhere may not feel the need to get inside the vehicle or their jobs may require them to stay outside the vehicle. However, moving vehicles always pose safety risks, and workplace injuries could result from incidents involving such equipment.

A moving truck and trailer were recently involved in an injury-causing accident in another state. Reports indicated that a worker struck his head after falling from the moving trailer. He and another worker were apparently riding on the trailer rather than inside the vehicle. The other worker did not fall and did not suffer any injuries in the incident.

Equipment is often involved in construction accidents

Most California workers expect to go to work and have a normal day. Though this type of scenario may play out most days, it is possible that workers could have immensely bad days if construction accidents take place. Even when safety measures are in place, injuries could still result.

One construction worker was recently involved in an on-the-job accident in another state. The incident resulted in emergency crews being called to the scene and the man being taken to an area hospital. It was not mentioned in the report what specific injuries the man may have suffered in this event, but it was reported that he was in stable condition. It did not appear that any other workers were involved or injured in the accident.

Toxic exposure: Chemotherapy drugs affecting veterinary workers

Many California residents work hard to find their dream jobs, and in numerous cases, individuals may not think of the serious risks those jobs may pose. From the potential for falls to toxic exposure, workers in almost any profession could potentially end up at risk for serious injuries or illnesses. Unfortunately, some people may not consider these risks until it is too late.

For a significant number people who love animals, becoming a veterinarian or a veterinarian assistant is a long-time goal. While they likely know that getting bitten or scratched is a considerable likelihood while on the job, they may not consider other serious threats, like toxic exposure. It was recently reported that more individuals in the veterinary field are facing risks of serious illness due to increased exposure to chemotherapy drugs.

3 holiday workplace hazards for supermarket employees

If you work in a grocery store, you may be dreading the holiday rush. As the crowds visit your store to purchase turkey and eggnog, you may experience a lot of stress and frustration. Working in a busy and rushed environment is hardly enjoyable. In fact, it can be dangerous. Did you know retail workers had a higher rate of injury in 2016 than construction workers?

It is always crucial to be safe as a grocery store employee, but you must exercise extra caution during the holidays. You may suffer from a supermarket accident as you work harder for longer hours. Watch out for these hazards at your marketplace this holiday season.

Fatal workplace injuries can leave families spiraling

The death of a loved one can send any family into a tailspin. This type of event often means that individuals need to address funeral arrangements, contend with their grief and also determine how they will live their lives without their loved one. Unfortunately, fatal workplace injuries can cause significant financial hardships on surviving family members.

California readers may be interested in a fatal incident that took place in another state. Reports stated that the incident took place at an industrial plant while a worker was attempting to repair a conveyor belt. The worker was on a scissor lift when he was hit in the head by a cylinder, which apparently resulted in the worker becoming trapped in the machine.

Case Results

  1. $4.5 Million Settlement

    Medical Malpractice - Hypoxic brain injury during surgery.

  2. $2.9 Million Settlement

    Construction site accident resulting in cervical fusion

  3. 100% Permanent Disability Award

    Workers Compensation - Multiple injuries to State worker

  4. $1.6 Million Settlement

    Truck v. pedestrian accident resulting in multiple factures.

  5. $1.2 Million Structure Settlement

    Workers Compensation - spine injury with guaranteed payments for life.

  6. $1.2 Million Settlement

    Motorcycle v. car accident resulting in multiple fractures and scarring.

  7. $933,000.00 Settlement

    Child burned when table collapsed spilling scalding water from coffee um.

  8. $850,000.00 Settlement (Before MICRA)

    Medical Malpractice - Endotracheal injury during surgery resulting in death.

  9. $780,000.00 Settlement

    Disputed liability car v. truck collision.

  10. $500,000.00 Settlement

    Workers Compensation - Spinal injuries to delivery driver.

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