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Construction accidents: Man killed when crane overturns

Many people in California are unaware of the many risks that construction workers face as they complete their job-related tasks. Because of the size of the equipment and the potential for falls, construction accidents often leave family members coping with the unexpected loss of a loved one. One out-of-state family is likely coming to terms with such a situation after a crane overturned at a construction site, killing one worker.

A representative for the fire department says that the accident happened one morning on a day in late January. Workers were reportedly working to set cement walls. Unfortunately, a crane apparently fell over into one of the walls, knocking it over. A worker, who is described as being in his twenties, died in the accident.

Man suffers serious workplace injuries in mining accident

Occupations involving the mining industry often involve serious risks. While efforts have been made to ensure that mining workers are safe, the dangers cannot be completely removed. Those injured at work in California and other states are often eligible for workers' compensation benefits. One out-of-state man will likely be in need of these benefits after he reportedly suffered serious workplace injuries.

The accident was reported just after 9 a.m. one Friday morning in January. A man working as a switchman near a mining company's refinery complex reportedly became trapped underneath a rail car. It took rescue workers approximately 45 minutes to extricate the man and transport him to the hospital.

Workplace fatality could lead to workers' compensation claim

The vast majority of employers go to great lengths to protect the health and safety of their employees. Employers ensure there is proper safety gear available and keep heavy machinery in good working condition, among other precautions. Despite these efforts, fatal workplace accidents still occur, often leaving family members wondering how they will cope with the financial complications of their loss. Many are entitled to workers' compensation benefits as a result of such an accident. One family in California may need these benefits to cope with the unexpected loss of their loved one.

The victim was a 52-year-old man had reportedly worked for Zero Waste Division for 25 years at the time of the accident. Reports indicate that the sanitation worker became pinned between a utility pole and a garbage truck. Although he was transferred to the hospital, he died later on as result of the injuries he suffered in the accident.

Man dies after suffering workplace injuries

Most people in California are aware of the many risks that they face in the workplace.  However, the benefits of making a paycheck and having insurance coverage, in some cases, often outweigh those potential risks. Although many workplace accidents can be avoided by taking proper safety precautions, even the safest of workers can suffer workplace injuries through no fault of his or her own. For example, one man passed away recently after he was injured at work.

According to reports, the man was an employee of a lumber service. While many of the details of the accident are unclear, the 38-year-old man was struck in the head. He was transported to the emergency room, where he was ultimately pronounced dead as a result of the injuries he suffered.

Workers' compensation for injured California workers

Thousands of workers in California report to their places of employment each day, eager to work hard in order to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, many workers may not realize the risk in which they place themselves simply by fulfilling their work responsibilities. Many are injured or killed in workplace accidents that often leave workers and/or their family members wondering how they will cope with the financial ramifications. These people may deserve workers' compensation insurance benefits.

Workers' compensation insurance is purchased by employers in order to provide for employees in the event they are injured or become ill as a result of their job responsibilities. While these benefits cover a wide range of potential financial complications, they do not cover pain and suffering. Those who accept such benefits after a workplace injury or illness cannot sue their employers.

Man dies from workplace injuries after tire explodes

While the risk of being involved in an accident at work is prevalent in all occupations, those who work with heavy equipment may face unique risks. Regardless of the occupation, employers in California and other states are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage in the event an employee suffers workplace injuries. The family of a recently deceased man may be entitled to these benefits after an accident caused his death.

The incident occurred in mid-December. The 22-year-old male victim was an employee of Sears Auto Center. A customer reportedly asked that a tire be mounted on a specific room. As the employee was doing so using an industrial tire changer, the tire reportedly blew, striking the worker in the head.

4 employees suffer workplace injuries after equipment malfunction

Regardless of the type of employment, almost all workers in California face risks as they complete their job responsibilities. As a result, the state requires employers to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage to protect workers financially in the event that they suffer workplace injuries. Several out-of-state workers may have questions regarding their eligibility for such compensation after a recent accident sent them to the hospital.

The incident happened one day in mid-December at a company called Lightning Rod and Pipe. The company reportedly melts plastic pellets and molds them into pipe. Unfortunately, the machine that melted the plastic experienced some sort of malfunction, causing it to clog.

California officer suffers workplace injuries in accident

The dangers that police officers face are well known to most people in California. While most people know that they often place their own lives in danger while protecting others, many are also in danger when responding to calls due to the necessity of arriving at a scene quickly. For example, one police motorcycle officer suffered workplace injuries in a recent crash.

According to reports, the officer was responding to another officer's request for backup one afternoon in late November at the time of the accident. While the exact cause of the accident remains under investigation, there was a collision between the officer on his motorcycle and a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup remained at the scene.

Man dies after suffering workplace injuries

There are many workplaces across the country that have known hazards. While a person in California dealing with explosives, for example, is likely aware of the potential for danger, workers dealing with more mundane tasks may not be as aware of the dangers they face. Unfortunately, one out-of-state worker has recently been killed as a result of workplace injuries suffered in an incident that remains under investigation.

The accident happened in early December. Reports indicate that the victim working as a contractor hired to dismantle a corn drying cylinder. Unfortunately, part of the cylinder is believed to have fallen on him.

Fatal workplace injuries kills tire worker when jack collapses

Workplace hazards are not restricted to particular industries, and California employers in all industries must follow prescribed safety regulations to prevent workplace accidents. Workers in industrial workplaces are typically exposed to equipment that can pose life-threatening hazards if not properly maintained. Employees must be informed of potential hazards and receive training in the proper operation of equipment to ensure protection from workplace injuries.

However, equipment malfunctions are sometimes to blame for injuries and even deaths of industrial workers. The California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate a workplace accident that recently claimed the life of an employee of a tire company. The Los Angeles County Fire Department says the initial report indicated that an individual at the tire company's address was in cardiac arrest.