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California man suffers fatal workplace injuries in explosion

Digging near gas lines has the potential for serious ramifications. Most states place an emphasis on educating the public about the importance of digging with care. A recent incident in California further illustrates this point after a worker suffered fatal workplace injuries.

The victim was identified as a 44-year-old man who was employed by Big & Deep Ag Development. Reports indicate that he was using a heavy piece of machinery to dig when it struck a gas line. He died in the subsequent explosion. Two women in a nearby house also suffered burns as a result.

Construction accidents: Man killed in trench collapse

People in California face potentially unexpected and hidden dangers in their everyday lives. Many of these dangers arise in their places of employment. Because of the potential for harm in the workplace, states require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage to ensure that workers are financially protected in the event of an injury at work. Construction accidents are a particular concern, as evidenced by a recent fatal accident involving a collapsed trench.

The accident happened one afternoon in November. The 37-year-old victim was reportedly working with a sewer pipe when the trench collapsed. According to reports, he was covered by six feet of dirt while 20 feet underground. Rescue workers claim they quickly realized that there was little chance that the man would survive the collapse.

Fatal construction accidents increase in 2014

Employers in California and across the county, as well as organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, continue to work to help protect the safety of workers. While the total number of work-related fatalities has decreased over the course of the last two decades, 2014 showed an increase in the number of people killed in comparison with the years before. Of the fatalities in 2014, construction accidents were the leading cause.

Preliminary statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that over 4,600 people were killed in job-related incidents in 2014 -- a two percent increase from the previous year. Deaths were highest in the construction industry, representing 20 percent of all deaths. Last year, 874 construction workers were killed at work -- 10 percent higher than 2013.

Toxic exposure sends 20 California workers to hospital

When discussing workplace accidents, it is easy to overlook those who suffer from exposure to the chemicals used in a variety of workplaces. Unfortunately, toxic exposure can have serious consequences, including some side effects that may not be felt until years later. An incident at a California processing plant recently sent 20 workers to the hospital.

One worker claims that a strong smell of chlorine was noted, but a crew leader simply advised workers to put on a mask. Unfortunately, workers began to feel ill as the shift continued, with many feeling faint, vomiting and experiencing nosebleeds. In all, 20 workers, including two pregnant women, required hospital treatment. A representative for the fire department believes that the incident was caused by combining chlorine and acetic acid, chemicals used for cleaning.

California construction accidents: Man crushed by retaining wall

It is difficult for those who do not work in the industry to fully understand the dangers that construction workers face. While working with heavy machinery and partially built buildings, construction accidents can happen at any moment regardless of the safety measures that are in place. Officials in California are investigating a recent incident that left one man dead.

The accident happened at the construction site for a FedEx distribution center at approximately 9 a.m. in the morning. The worker, a 56-year-old man, was reportedly compacting dirt in a drainage channel at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, a portion of a retaining wall collapsed on him as he worked.

Workers' compensation for cumulative injuries in California

Regardless of the type of workplace, workers in California are at risk of suffering from workplace injuries. While the risks to construction workers and firefighters are obvious, those who work behind desks or perform tasks requiring fine motor skills may be at risk of developing cumulative injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis, among others. Whether your work-related injuries were caused by a single event or developed over a period of time, you may be entitled to compensation.

The most prevalent type of repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel. A diagnosis of carpal tunnel occurs when the tendons surrounding the median nerve thicken or become swollen, compressing the nerve. Symptoms of this syndrome include tingling, numbness and a decreased range of motion. Those who spend a great deal of time typing on a keyboard are among those most at risk for developing this condition.

Man dies from workplace injuries after a fall

Most people in California are relieved in the aftermath of the major storm if they escape unscathed. However, once the storm is over, the clean up efforts begin -- efforts that could take several months or years to complete. Unfortunately, the people who must complete these repairs may be at risk of suffering serious workplace injuries. This appears to be the case after an out-of-state accident resulted in a young man's death.

The accident happened at plant complex owned by Marley Flexco. Officials say that a crew was working on installing a skylight at the time of the fatal event. One of the workers, a 19-year-old male who was employed by AWP Roofing, reportedly fell through the skylight opening, falling approximately 25 feet.

Workplace injuries prove fatal for industrial worker

There are many dangers in the workplace. Accidents can happen in California when workers least expect them, regardless of the safety measures in place. Unfortunately, the workplace injuries suffered by one out-of-state man recently resulted in his death.

A spokesperson for local police note that the accident happened in the early morning hours of a day in early October at a Tenaris plant. According to reports, a worker exited the forklift he was operating. While he was standing between the piece of machinery and a spool, the forklift unexpectedly rolled forward, trapping the man.

Workplace injuries send man to hospital

The potential for injury is present in all workplaces. While dangers are more obvious in some occupations in comparison to others, every employer faces the potential of suffering from workplace injuries. As a result, all states, including California, require employers to have a financial security net in place that allows workers' compensation insurance benefits for employees who are hurt or become ill on the job. One out-of-state man may qualify for these benefits after an accident send him to the hospital.

First responders received a call regarding the workplace accident one morning in September. According to reports, the man, who was working at a power plant, had been inside a coal train car prior to the accident. The coal in the train was apparently released while he was inside, causing the man to fall through the bottom of the car.

Construction accidents: Worker electrocuted during renovation

There are hundreds of different hazards that the average person in California faces every day. Many of these hazards come from the workplace. While some precautions can be taken to safeguard workers, many construction accidents, for example, still happen. In one out-of-state incident, workers discovered the body of one of their co-workers. He died as a result of a workplace accident.

The employees were apparently working on a house renovation project in early September. Reports indicate the the victim's co-workers noticed that he was missing. A worker is said to have found his body in the crawl space under the house.