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Workplace injuries sends man to hospital

It is amazing the way all aspects of the human body work together to allow a person to perform day-to-day functions. An injury to any part of a person's body can impact how he or she completes necessary tasks to be successful in personal and work tasks. Workplace injuries that prevent a person in California from working can place that person in a shaky financial situation. One man and his family may be suffering after he was injured at work.

The accident happened at approximately 10:45 a.m. one morning in July at a Tyson Foods plant. Officials claim that the 59-year-old male employee's hand became lodged in a piece of equipment used to grind meat. Several of his fingers were partially severed as a result.

Workers' compensation possible following workplace accident

Many people in California are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of their family. As a result, they work long, grueling hours to make certain that all their needs are met. Family members say that one man in another state who was recently killed in a workplace accident was such a person. While officials work to analyze the details of the accident, the man's family could qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits.

The accident occurred one morning in July. According to information provided by the man's family, the victim, an employee of Profile Industrial Packaging, was working on scaffolding at the time of the accident. His brother-in-law claims that there were gaps in the scaffolding. While there is much unclear about the incident, according to family members, the man fell approximately 20 feet.

California attorneys aid with workers' compensation claims

On the first day of employment, a new employee likely signs multiple papers and is given an overwhelming amount of information. One of the things that they likely learn about is the workers' compensation employment benefits that their employer is required to provide to protect California workers financially in the event of a workplace accident. However, an injured worker with no previous experience with the process may be unaware of the requirements, making it difficult to ensure fair compensation if they are injured at work.

Fortunately, the attorneys at Dixon & Daley LLP can help you if you were injured while at work. We have over 35 years of experience helping injured workers. We can help you with a variety of different aspects of claims related to a workplace injury in addition to seeking adequate compensation. If you are being denied benefits or modified work accommodations, or if you are being harassed by co-workers and supervisors or believe that you are not receiving quality medical care, among other concerns, contacting our attorneys could be the first step to ensuring fair treatment.

Family of California worker may deserve workers' compensation

Keeping a city running in an efficient manner often requires a great deal of effort as well as the coordination of many employees and contractors. Citizens may not fully realize the effort, time and money required. In some cases, workers may even be putting their lives at risk. If injured while at work, California workers are likely entitled to workers' compensation, which extends to dependent family members in the event of a fatality. The family of one man may qualify for these insurance benefits after a recent workplace accident.

The man was employed by ABM Electrical & Lighting Solutions, a subcontractor for OpTerra Energy Services. The company was contracted by one California city to upgrade approximately 18,000 streetlights. While most of the project had been previously completed, this man was working on a boom truck to retrofit streetlights with LED lights.

Workplace injuries prove fatal in recent accident

Because of the dangers that many face in their workplaces, the federal government and states such as California create laws and regulations with the intention of protecting the safety of all employees. Unfortunately, even with these in place, accidents can still happen -- potentially endangering the lives of workers. For example, one out-of-state man was recently killed as a result of workplace injuries suffered at an airport.

The accident happened one Thursday morning in late June. According to reports, the 57-year-old victim was an employee of Manafort Construction. He was working on a water main in a trench as part of safety upgrades at an airport.

California construction accidents: Man impaled after fall

There are a variety of different injuries that could occur in the workplace. As a result, state and federal regulations attempt to ensure that employers maintain a safe workplace. Despite these measures, construction accidents still occur. For example, one construction worker in California suffered serious injuries after a fall.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in early June. The 27-year-old man was reportedly walking on a catwalk as construction crews performed work on a water tank. Reports indicate that the man fell from the catwalk and was impaled when he landed on a fence.

Serious workplace injuries send California worker to hospital

States and local governments work hard to provide activities that will attract tourists to their areas. While an attraction may bring people and cash to a region, workers must maintain the attraction in order to keep visitors safe. Unfortunately, one worker in California suffered serious workplace injuries while he was checking such a location to ensure that tourists would be safe.

The accident happened in a mine that is part of an attraction aimed at helping tourists learn about mining and the manufacture of glass. The worker was apparently checking to ensure that a mine was safe for visitors. Reports indicate that he was standing on scaffolding while working to stabilize the mine. Unfortunately, a rock came loose and is believed to have struck the worker's chest .

Workers' compensation in California

Thousands of people in California report to their jobs everyday. Their goal is to earn a livelihood that will support them personally and often their family as well. Unfortunately, many people are injured in workplace accidents every year, requiring medical treatment and potentially preventing them from returning to their job. Those people may qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits.

California law requires employers to provide these insurance benefits for employees. While most people think of an injury as occurring from a single event, such as a fall or burn, many suffer from an injury caused by performing the same repetitive motion over the course of time. Both qualify for compensation. However, there are guidelines in place that must be followed. For example, an injury must be reported to an employer within 30 days to allow for a proper investigation of the claim.

Construction accidents: Man killed while repairing bridge

There are many dangerous professions. While most people in California think of police officers and firemen, people working in the field of construction also face significant risks due to construction accidents. Unfortunately, one out-of-state family is left grieving after a recent fatal workplace accident.

The accident involved a 35-year-old man. Around 8:30 a.m., reports indicate that the man was working on repairs of a bridge overpass. He then became pinned between the roof and a lift. While emergency personnel attempted to revive him, their efforts were unsuccessful. He died at the scene.

Construction accidents: Man dies after fall

Construction sites in California can be dangerous places. As a result, there are a variety of different safety standards that must be met to help preserve the safety of employees. Unfortunately, safety standards are not always able to protect employees, sometimes leading to construction accidents with serious, even deadly, consequences. For example, one out-of-state man was killed in a recent accident.

The accident happened in mid-May. Reports indicate that a 25-year-old male was working on a building's facade. At the time of the accident, the man was on scaffolding, and it is believed that he fell after losing his footing.