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Violence a cause of workplace injuries for medical professionals

Medical professionals in California often choose to go into the field of medicine because they are dedicated to helping others. Unfortunately, they may not realize that their decision could result in harm to themselves. Some in the medical community are working to shed some light on the issues of workplace injuries suffered as a result of an attack -- a risk that doctors and nurses seem to face more than people in other fields.

A recent article that reviewed several different studies set out the examine the prevalence of workplace assaults in the medical field. The review found that approximately 75 percent of workplace assaults happen to those working in health care. Visitors or patients are typically behind most assaults.

2 killed and 1 suffered workplace injuries in recent accident

Most people in California likely feel relatively safe as they complete their day-to-day workplace responsibilities. Even those people who have dangerous jobs have some protection from workplace hazards due to safety regulations and other precautions that are in place. Unfortunately, sometimes these precautions fail, leaving workers suffering workplace injuries. In one out-of-state incident, two men were killed and another injured.

According to reports, three contractors for Southcross Energy were working in a manhole. Unfortunately, they experienced some sort of equipment failure, which caused the release of several hundred pounds of pressure. Unfortunately, the release blew the three men out of the space in which they were working.

Zookeeper dies due to workplace injuries suffered in tiger attack

There are many dangerous jobs in California that put a person's life in danger. For example, those who work in zoos with potentially dangerous animals likely have several safeguards and procedures that they follow to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, a 38-year-old zookeeper was recently killed as a result of workplace injuries she suffered as she tended a rare Malayan tiger at an out-of-state zoo.

Reports indicate that the attack occurred in April. The incident took place in what is called the "night house" -- an enclosure located behind the area seen by the public where the tigers eat and sleep. Unfortunately, authorities were unable to access the woman until the tranquilizer used on the tiger following the attack went into effect.

Man suffers fatal workplace injuries in industrial accident

There are many jobs in California that may seem safe on the surface. However, those who must work with heavy machinery can be at risk for serious workplace injuries regarding the operation of such equipment. For example, officials believe they have determined the cause of a recent industrial accident that happened in a different state and resulted in the loss of a man's life.

Reports indicate that the accident happened one Saturday morning in late March. The 38-year-old victim was working with a hydraulic press at Diamond Plastics Corporation. A witness claims that the equipment was not working correctly, prompting the victim to attempt a repair.

California construction accidents: Man dies of crush injuries

Construction workers in California and across the country face many risks. These include the risks from falls or injury as a result of the large pieces of equipment that are used to complete the necessary jobs, as well as many other dangers that could potentially result in serious construction accidents. Unfortunately, officials are now working to investigate a recent event that resulted in a fatality.

The incident occurred one afternoon at March in an area that has recently seen an increase in redevelopment. A male employee of a contractor for Southern California Edison was reportedly crushed between a trailer and a construction crane. Although the man was transported to the hospital, he ultimately passed away as a result of injuries suffered in the accident.

Workers' compensation for those who travel

When most people in California start a new job, they receive some vague information about what happens if they are injured while completing job-related tasks. As a result, the average person is likely aware that he or she may qualify for workers' compensation benefits if injured at work. When considering a workplace accident, many might immediately think of a fall or even a repetitive injury that develops over time as a result of the performance of typical activities. Many people may be unaware that they could also qualify for benefits if injured off-site while completing their employment responsibilities.

For example, some employers are required to travel and make presentations at conferences. Workers who injure their backs setting up a display at a conference their employers ordered them to attend likely qualify for workers' compensation benefits as well as those injured at a more traditional job site. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the exact process and qualifications.

Construction accidents: California worker killed in fall

Tourists from all over the world often travel to view buildings that are feats of engineering and architecture. While marveling over these accomplishments, many are unaware of the costs of building them. These costs are not simply the money that goes into building materials and labor but, in many instances, include lives lost as a result of construction accidents. Unfortunately, an electrician was recently killed in such an accident during the construction of a California building.

Once completed, the building is set to be the largest on the West Coast. Construction was halted after an electrician fell to his death. The man is believed that have fallen from the 53rd floor and struck the rear of a vehicle on the ground. He died at the scene.

Workplace injuries are fatal for 1, send another to hospital

There are many known dangers in California workplaces. These risks can include workplace injuries suffered as a result of repetitive movement or as a result of a moment of trauma. For example, a recent out-of-state accident has taken the life of one man and sent a second to the hospital.

Records indicate that emergency responders received information about an accident around noon one day in late February. When first responders arrived at the scene, they discovered two men who had been injured. One of the men, a 38-year-old, died at the scene. The second victim, a 61-year-old male, was hospitalized, but the extent of his injuries is unclear.

Construction injury sends worker to hospital

Because of the type of equipment used, construction workers in California face the risk of serious workplace accidents. While employers can take action to protect workers, these accidents may still occur. A recent incident that happened out-of-state involved a track hoe and left a man suffering from a serious construction injury. It exemplifies the risk these workers face.

The accident happened one morning on a day in early March. According to reports, the 22-year-old male victim was an employee of Terry R. Brotherson Evacuation, a company contracted to install underground pipe. The worker was walking behind a track hoe just prior to the accident. The driver of the track hoe was reportedly unable to see the victim and began to reverse.

Company fined after toxic exposure

There are many causes of harm to California employees. For example, some suffer injuries caused by repetitive motion over time while others may suffer a broken bone from a fall. Often overlooked is the potential for harm as a result of toxic exposure. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man was sent to the hospital after he was exposed to a dangerous chemical.

The investigation into the incident claims that the man, an employee of Heritage Thermal Services, was pumping hazardous wastes into a kiln when he began to feel ill and was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, this is not the first incident involving the company in which employees were harmed due to exposure to hazardous chemicals. Three others were hospitalized after exposure in 2012.