Research indicates possibility of non-concussive brain injuries

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Those who work in hard-hat areas and other dangerous environments in Los Angles are well aware that a sharp blow to the head can cause a concussion. A concussive impact to the head is a serious form of physical trauma. This trauma can actually alter the manner in which the brain functions.

But new research indicates that non-concussive brain injuries could also lead to functional impediment. The discovery of this possibility is owed to a study conducted on military veterans who have endured blast exposure.

The study was undertaken at a veteran’s medical hospital, located in Salisbury, North Carolina. Three categories of personnel were included. One group had a record of exposure to blasts with indications of traumatic brain injury. A second group had a record of exposure to blasts but no record of TBI. The final group had no record of blast exposure.

To glean information demonstrating brain injury, researchers employed a kind of MRI known as Diffusion Tensor Imaging. The DTI measures the flow of brain fluid. These measurements can reveal trauma inflicted on the brain’s white matter.

Brain fluid flow is an indicator of the white matter’s health. Fluid flowing directionally evidences intact white matter fibers. Injured fibers, on the other hand, diffuse. The study revealed soldiers in the group with blast exposure but no record of TBI did in fact sustain injury to their white matter.

What this study points to is the possibility that if you endure an impact blow to the head, you may sustain brain injury even if you don’t exhibit concussive symptoms. In other words, all head injuries need to be taken seriously.

If you have sustained a head injury on the job, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If tests indicate brain injury you will possibly be eligible for financial compensation. A brain injury can require treatment, medication and perhaps rehabilitation. Factor these expenses in with time off work and you are vulnerable to genuine financial hardship.

If you believe you have suffered a brain injury and are having trouble receiving financial recompense from an employer or other responsible party, legal counsel could look at your situation and advise possible actions.

Source:, “Blast exposure may cause brain damage even without symptoms of TBI,” March 4, 2014

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