Workers’ compensation and back pain

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Many employees in California drive to work every day to earn a paycheck, but they may also be gaining something else: back pain. Whether a worker is stocking shelves at a grocery store, raising beams at a construction site or building cars in a factory, the possibility of injuring back muscles exists in many different jobs. Here are some of the basics about workers’ compensation and back pain.

How can it happen?

There are two different ways a person’s back can become injured. The first is through repeated motions over the course of many days, weeks, months or years. Constant bending, lifting or turning can lead to stressed muscles in the back area. Single events can also lead to significant back pain. Crashing a truck during a delivery, lifting a very heavy box or falling from any height can lead to an injury. It is important to watch out for both types of damage as you take control of your physical health.

Can I see any doctor?

If you do begin to notice back pain after a sudden injury or repeated stress, it is important to see a doctor who will make sure you are completely healed before returning to work. Some medical professionals will not take the time to fully treat your condition but will instead give you a temporary fix. A workers’ compensation attorney can direct you to a doctor who is familiar with employment-related injuries and knows how to handle them. The professional relationship between lawyer and doctor means that these attorneys will often have seen firsthand how clients reacted to certain medical providers and how thoroughly they were treated.

What benefits are available?

California benefits for injured employees can include temporary benefits and medical care while you recover. If the injury is severe enough to cause a permanent disability, even if it is only to a certain degree, you may be eligible for continued benefits and job displacement supplemental support payments. While most cases of back pain do not end in death, payments could also be available to dependents if a worker did die from an injury relating to his or her job.

If you or a loved one is suffering from back pain caused by injuries from your employment, the best course of action is to contact an attorney who is experienced in workers’ compensation. Not only can you get a great recommendation for professional care, but a lawyer can help you get the right amount of support to give you the time you need to completely heal before returning to your job.

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