Facts to know about those living with a brain injury after a workplace accident

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Brain injuries come in all different shapes and sizes, and no two brains – or people — are the same. Where one may deal with an injury easily, another person may respond with severe changes to health, personality and relationships forever. Life is dramatically different for most after brain injuries, which may be the result of an accident or injury on the job. If you or someone you love is dealing with how to live with a brain injury, there are a few facts you should know.

Immediate concerns and changes

Brain injuries can cause a person’s life to be completely turned around, and the time immediately following the accident or injury is often the most difficult for the injured. During this time, most are focused on what they are no longer able to do and the things they have lost. Emotionally they may feel confused, frustrated or overwhelmed. Over time, most find ways to deal with the injury. Some ways are productive and healthy, while others are detrimental and exacerbate the problem. How the injured and family members deal with the problem can make a big difference in how the individual’s future goes.

Tips for the injured

Tasks that were once easy to do may become difficult quickly, and this can be incredibly frustrating. Most who have traumatic brain injuries require some type of help after the accident when before they were totally independent. Getting function back often requires a strong sense of commitment on the part of the injured, as well as willingness to try new things, ask for help when it’s necessary, stay away from alcohol and drugs, and set realistic goals.

Tips for caregivers, family and friends

Friends and family members are vital to the readjustment, rehabilitation and recovery process for those who have been injured. Some tips to remember when caring for an individual with a brain injury include:

  • Be prepared for the results to be slow, and be ready to deal with impatience and frustration.
  • Focus on simple tasks before taking on more complex ones, no matter how determined the injured person is.
  • Encourage the injured person to handle simple tasks and problems on their own first, but be prepared to step in when needed.
  • Adjust and adapt to the individual’s needs as he or she progresses and changes.
  • Be a strong advocate when it comes to career and life issues, insurance and medical care for the injured.

A brain injury caused by an accident on the job can have a serious impact on workers and all who love them. If you need help or advice about how to deal with the legal side of an injury, consult an attorney immediately.

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