New tech could reduce construction injury for California workers

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Construction can be a backbreaking job. Many workers in California will eventually face a construction injury, due to the labor intensive nature of the industry. As technology advances, new innovations are developed that can reduce or eliminate harms caused to workers while allowing the process to become faster and more efficient. 

One such innovation is the bricklaying robot. A bricklaying robot, set to be released later this year, can lay bricks at the rate of 1,000 per hour, while the average worker can lay 1,000 per day. The robot can work day and night, and can construct a home based upon a computer-assisted drawing of the future building. 

Another way the construction industry is expanding is through the use of exoskeletons. Exoskeletons are able to support individuals by assisting them with bearing heavy loads or giving support through repetitive tasks. Even though a worker may not experience a serious construction injury, continuous use of the body will result in eventual wear and tear on bodily systems. 

Technological advances will hopefully be able to support California workers with more difficult and physically demanding labor tasks, freeing them up to perform duties that are not as hard on the body. Even with the best technology available, a worker in this industry is susceptible to a construction injury. If an employee becomes injured on the job, he or she is entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits while recovering from the injury. The claims process can sometimes be confusing, and many individuals choose to enlist the aid of an attorney who can advocate for their rights. 

Source:, “Bricklaying Robots And Exoskeletons Are the Future of the Construction Industry“, David Silverberg, Aug. 21, 2017

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