Construction accidents may cause injuries, financial challenges

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The risks that a person faces while on the job can vary depending on the type of  occupation he or she has. Many people often consider construction work as a substantially dangerous profession, and this notion is not unwarranted. Construction accidents can happen for a number of reasons under various conditions, and often, these events lead to serious injuries.

California residents may be interested in such an incident that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that several construction workers were inside a three-story row house they were working on when the roof of the structure collapsed. A total of six individuals were inside when the collapse took place, and two of those workers had to be extricated from the debris.

It was noted that the placement of cinder blocks on the roof contributed to the collapse. According to another worker, the men inside were working on the second floor when the accident occurred, and it caused them to end up in the basement of the house. Apparently the six workers suffered injuries, but all survived the incident. It was unclear what the exact extent of their injuries may have been.

Construction accidents can often be devastating events, and when all individuals survive, many people may find that information uplifting. However, workers who suffer injuries in the incidents may still have many challenges to face. Because of the financial issues that could come along with work-related injuries, California workers who are injured in this type of event may wish to find out more information on their options for applying for workers’ compensation benefits.

Source:, “6 construction workers injured in roof collapse at house in Crown Heights, Brooklyn“, Oct. 17, 2017

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