4 environments that fuel workplace accidents

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Workplaces are not always safe environments. In California in 2015, there were 388 fatal injuries in the state. Nearly half of those fatalities were a result of a transportation issue.

Accidents can happen in an instant. Occasionally, they are no one’s fault, and other times, they are a result of the employer creating unsafe conditions at the workplace. If you notice any of the following issues at your job, then bring them to the attention of your employer. Corrections are necessary before someone suffers an injury

1. Tight timelines

Every job has deadlines. However, an employer needs to provide workers with sufficient time for them to meet those deadlines safely. This problem used to be prevalent in the trucking industry. To this day, truckers are occasionally encouraged under the table to forgo sleep or speed down highways to reach a destination on time. It is vital to remind an employer that every task requires enough time.

2. Exception to the rules

No one wants to admit they made a mistake. Unfortunately, many employees engage in harmful practices to fix a problem without bringing the employer’s attention to it. This can cause workers to choose not to use the right equipment to finish something. Employees can view these actions as justifiable because they are only going to do it once. However, one time is all it takes for someone to suffer an injury. 

3. Skill deficit

People brought onto the team should already possess most of the skills necessary to do the job. If an employer will give a worker a new task to perform, then the employer needs to provide that individual with the proper training to do the task successfully. Injuries can result if a worker is unsure how to do a task the right way. 

4. New practices 

In the event an employer does implement a new protocol to curtail injuries, that boss needs to inform everyone of the practice. This may require new training so that employees understand the importance of following these new procedures. 

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