Top injuries for those in NRCM occupations

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Workplace injuries can be found across all industries, no matter how safe they seem. Accidents happen everywhere, and repetitive motions are a part of most professions. However, each sector has injuries that are more common to it than to others.

Those who work in natural resources, construction and maintenance (NRCM) not only have the highest injury rates overall but also face the greatest risk to certain body parts, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also have the second-greatest median of missed work days due to their injuries.

Affected occupations

NRCM is a broad category that encompasses many occupations, including the following:

  • Automotive mechanics
  • Carpenters
  • Construction workers
  • Electricians
  • Farmers, fishers and foresters
  • Maintenance, installation and repair technicians
  • Oil and gas extractors

Those who work in these fields and related ones need to be aware of common injuries so they can try to avoid them and recognize when they can file a California workers’ compensation claim.

Body parts at risk

The trunks of NRCM workers are in the most danger of receiving harm on the job. Damage most often occurs to the back, which can put employees out of work for a while due to a long recovery and the desire to avoid hurting the area again. Another highly at-risk body part is the hand due to those in NRCM using dangerous tools and machinery. Equipment can cause burns or cut, crush or catch fingers.

The head is also very likely to suffer injury in the workplace. Falls are prevalent, particularly in construction, leading to TBI and other damage to the head. Likewise, objects can fall onto or strike employees in the head. Trauma to the brain is severe and requires extensive treatment and compensation to pay for medical bills and lost wages. Finally, the eyes have a high risk of experiencing harm due to debris and equipment.

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