3 warehouse risks that often go overlooked

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Injuries can happen at any time in any way while on the job. There are many steps employers should take to reduce the risk of injury, but in even the safest workplace, an accident can still happen. 

Warehouse jobs come with big risks, mostly due to the presence of heavy machinery in the vicinity. There are numerous ways for employees to sustain injuries while doing normal tasks, and it is vital to remain aware of some of the most common ones. 

1. Injuries on the loading docks

Loading docks are hazardous areas in any warehouse due to the presence of both foot traffic and vehicles. Every year, many workers become pinned between a truck or forklift and the dock. It is vital for employers to clearly label where people should stand and where vehicles should drive. While drivers should remain attentive at all times within a warehouse, it becomes even more important by the loading dock. 

2. Injuries from bodily strain

While machinery certainly helps, many of the duties in a warehouse require employees to provide an immense amount of bodily effort. Lifting a box the wrong way can lead to back problems. Additionally, employees need to be aware to never stretch, twist or bend in a manner that puts their health at risk. Employers should make it clear that employees are welcome to reach out to a manager if they need a rest. Workers need to be aware of their limits. 

3. Slipping and tripping hazards

Slips and falls are common in virtually every workplace, but they are even more likely to happen in a warehouse. A machine could leak liquid onto the floor, or sawdust left behind from a job can make a walking surface slick. It is also possible for a surface to be dangerous to walk over if someone recently buffed the area. A fall does not have to be from high up to be dangerous. Caution signs and guard rails are necessities in these buildings.


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