Toxic exposure: Chemotherapy drugs affecting veterinary workers

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Many California residents work hard to find their dream jobs, and in numerous cases, individuals may not think of the serious risks those jobs may pose. From the potential for falls to toxic exposure, workers in almost any profession could potentially end up at risk for serious injuries or illnesses. Unfortunately, some people may not consider these risks until it is too late.

For a significant number people who love animals, becoming a veterinarian or a veterinarian assistant is a long-time goal. While they likely know that getting bitten or scratched is a considerable likelihood while on the job, they may not consider other serious threats, like toxic exposure. It was recently reported that more individuals in the veterinary field are facing risks of serious illness due to increased exposure to chemotherapy drugs.

The use of these drugs for cancer treatment in animals is becoming more popular, which means that veterinary workers are more at risk of suffering adverse effects due to exposure to the chemicals. In fact, one individual developed a rare form of thyroid cancer after such exposure. Additionally, women in this field may face increased risks of chromosome abnormalities, leukemia, infertility and spontaneous abortions due to the exposure.

As these examples show, toxic exposure can cause a number of serious health problems. If California workers in veterinary medicine develop cancer or other conditions due to their exposure to chemotherapy drugs or other factors relating to their jobs, they may have reason to pursue workers’ compensation. These benefits could help them pay for medical bills and supplement lost wages that result from their work-related illnesses or injuries.

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