Understanding rotator-cuff injuries

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Your rotator cuff is a crucial component in your anatomy. It consists of tendons and muscles located in the head of your humerus in the shoulder socket. It is responsible for rotating and raising your arm. 

You need to care for this body part or else you may be unable to do your job. Many people rely on their arms and shoulders to work properly. Some of the most common injuries that occur to the rotator cuff include tears, bursitis and tendinitis. Extensive treatments may be necessary, and if the wear and tear happened at work, then you may be able to file a workers’ comp claim for your rotator-cuff injury. 


You need to watch out for the signs of a rotator-cuff injury. You need to stop whatever you did or else you will cause further deterioration in the area. You will feel a dull, deep ache within your shoulder. You will be unable to perform certain actions with this pain, such as combing your hair in the morning. This pain may come with weakness in the arm and can become so severe that it disturbs your sleep patterns. 


You can lower your risk of injuring your rotator cuff by performing daily shoulder stretches. When people go to the gym, they tend to focus on their arms and chest when they lift weights. If you go to the gym, then you should also pay attention to the back of your shoulders, which will help strengthen your rotator cuffs. 


You need to inform your employer right away if you believe your job has caused injury to your rotator cuff. There are various treatment options available. Injections are the more conservative option. You can also go through physical therapy. In extreme circumstances, you may require surgery to repair the tendons or muscles. 

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