Workplace hazards for factory workers

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If someone asks you to guess a list of the most dangerous workplaces, you may name a factory – and you would be correct. Over 100,000 manufacturing employees sustain occupational injuries every year. As a factory worker, you know that your job can be dangerous.

But even if you are aware that getting hurt is a risk, you may not be aware of the most dangerous aspects of your job. Here are some top safety hazards that result in injuries and deaths of factory workers.

Dangerous machinery 

Factories are full of machines and equipment that have the potential to wreak havoc. Inadequate training, improperly installed machine guards, inadequate maintenance and malfunctions can jeopardize your workplace safety. Common injuries that you may sustain from machinery include amputations, burns and lacerations. 

Spills, obstacles and heights

Falls are unfortunately common in manufacturing environments. Liquid spills, clutter and inadequate lighting can cause you to fall due to a slip or trip. But your job may also require you to work from high elevations as well. Falling from a higher level can result in severe injuries. Injuries that may result from fall accidents range from broken bones to spinal cord injuries to traumatic brain injuries. 

Forklift accidents

Forklift trucks are vital vehicles in many factories. If there are forklifts in your workplace that employees use to transport manufactured goods, you are at risk of sustaining an injury in an accident. Anyone who operates a forklift must have the proper training. Pedestrians and forklifts should also have distinct routes to avoid collisions. 


Working in a factory involves a lot of manual labor, repetitive motions and long hours. This type of job can cause a lot of damage to your body over time. You may suffer from overexertion and repetitive stress injuries such as fatigue, pulled muscles and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Heavy objects

You may be required to manually handle manufactured goods. Lifting and transporting heavy objects can cause back injuries, neck injuries and arm injuries.

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