Assessments and training may help minimize workplace injuries

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Restaurants employ numerous employees. From those in the back who prep and cook the food to those out front working to ensure that patrons have a satisfying experience, all of the workers are valuable. Unfortunately, all of these individuals are also at risk of suffering workplace injuries due to hazards on the job.

Luckily, California restaurant employers and employees alike can work to avoid injuries while on the job. For instance, assessing the hazards can help understand what issues exist and what can be done to mitigate the chance of someone suffering injuries. Conducting assessments at least once a week is a good practice in general, and additional assessment can take place when new hazards are recognized, when new procedures or equipment is introduced in the workplace, or, in a worst-case scenario, after an accident or injuries occur.

Training is also an important way to work toward preventing injuries and accidents. After conducting hazard assessments, training can be conducted to teach employees the best way to avoid suffering harm due to those hazards. Training should take place when new workers are hired, when workers are transferred to new assignments, when new hazards are discovered and periodically to refresh the knowledge in workers’ minds.

While taking preemptive measures is certainly wise, such action does not always keep workplace injuries at bay. If California restaurant workers suffer injuries while on the job, they could range in severity. In any case, affected employees may want to consider their options for pursuing workers’ compensation for the harm they suffered while carrying out their work-related duties.

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