Fatigue can contribute to workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2019 | Workplace Injuries

Many California residents cannot wait for their workdays to end so that they can get home and relax. Most jobs can put a mental and physical strain on workers, and often, fatigue can carry over to the next day. Unfortunately, workers experiencing fatigue could be at a higher risk of suffering workplace injuries.

A recent report indicated that 43% of workers across the country indicated that they were too tired to work safely. Additionally, approximately 13% of work-related injuries have fatigue as a contributing factor. Numerous issues can increase the chances of worker fatigue, including extended work hours and irregular shifts. In fact, individuals who work 12-hour shifts face a 37% higher risk of on-the-job injuries.

Fortunately, employers can take steps to help combat worker fatigue. For instance, schedules that allow workers to take frequent breaks, especially from physically-demanding work, could lessen the chances of fatigue. Employers may also want to ensure that there are no staffing issues that could result in overworked employees and that the work environment is conducive to alertness. Training employees to recognize signs of fatigue and to understand how it can create a serious hazard is also useful.

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone, and even if a worker gets enough rest and does not feel overworked, he or she could still suffer harm if a co-worker is fatigued. In the event that injuries do occur on the job, substantial difficulties can result. California workers in this difficult position may need to gain information on workers’ compensation and how such benefits may be able to help them as they recover.

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