Workplace injuries can result when fires break out

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Most people go into their places of employment intending to have a normal day. They may not expect that a serious incident can put their safety and the safety of their co-workers at risk. Of course, many events could take place on the job that lead to workplace injuries.

One event that California workers may want to be aware of is fires in the workplace. This may not be a situation that individuals consider on a daily basis, but various fire hazards can exist in different types of work environments. For example, dust buildup on various surfaces can become a fire hazard as many particles are flammable. When machinery or other objects heat up while in use, a fire could start if dust is present.

Additionally, overloaded circuits can also cause a fire. Plugging too many things into power outlets could easily overload circuits, but far too many people continue to overuse power sockets. A spark from an overloaded circuit or a powerstrip that overheats could quickly start a fire that puts everyone in the building at risk.

When a fire breaks out, it is important that workers react calmly and try to get out of the building. Hopefully, fire drills and plans for evacuation will have been implemented as part of worker training. Of course, fires can move quickly, and workplace injuries could result. In such cases, California workers may be able to collect workers’ compensation. Because this type of situation can be complicated, injured parties may want to consult with attorneys experienced with this area of law who can provide information and help with the claims process.

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