Workers’ compensation denials are on the rise

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An injury at work can leave you hurting physically and financially. The help you need may be a successful claim away, but even rightful bids don’t get the answer they deserve. Refusals are on the rise, but a healthy application can help avoid frustrating delays.

A recent study shows that denials increased by 20% between 2013 and 2017. And that doesn’t mean a tidal wave of bad claims. The study also revealed that 67% of those turned down for compensation were able to earn benefits on appeal. While that means there is still hope for those that insurers turn away, it also tells us of a need for stronger claims from the beginning.

Building a bid

There are many reasons why a claim may not go through, but you can take a few steps to increase the likelihood of a successful application:

  • Filing forms: You’ll need to go through the right channels to be eligible for workers’ compensation. You must report your injury to your boss, who will give you a claim form. This paperwork is often the official beginning of your process.
  • Getting care: Your doctor can play a large role in your journey toward benefits. Get a doctor that has experience in your type of injury. They can help create a timeline for your return to work, limitations on your abilities and suggest further treatments or specialists you should see.
  • Keeping track: There is usually a lot of paperwork that goes along with a claim, but it’s crucial that you keep copies of whatever you come across. Notes can also prove essential. Record additional expenses, time lost and ongoing effects to create a complete picture of the compensation you need.

Getting help after a workplace injury isn’t guaranteed and can take plenty of extra work after an accident. Learn the important points of strengthening your claim, and you could be on the way to the healthy recovery you deserve.



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